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HI evertone

2010-04-12 03:37:19 by plaskota

This is my new newgrounds acount to see my old one type pplaskota in to author search

HI evertone


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2010-12-13 16:14:30

shit face, fuck you. get a life, your animation is shit. so are you ideas and your writing. I mean seriously, "legendary carrot" ? fuck off and go play on cbeebies


2010-12-13 16:17:21

besides your shit was more like Worst animation in the world of sucky animations.
get a life. also "i like Hannah Monntana more than that you should make it about me god!" what kind of shitty review is that? and why are you on newgrounds if you like such crap? seriously, if i knew where your house was i'd be tempted to burn it down to the ground.


2010-12-13 16:18:01

also don't steal gifs from eddsworld, he is way too awesome for you and your shitty blogpost